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The Founder

Dr. Michael McCullough

dr. mccullough

Founder of Be A Good Doctor

Michael is an ER physician with specialized training in emergency medicine, trauma and diagnostic imaging, affiliated with both Stanford and UCSF. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, a published researcher and recipient of multiple awards for teaching and public service. Michael was introduced to medicine by his own childhood brain surgery, where he subsequently retrained himself to speak, eventually paying for college with teaching and stand-up comedy. In addition to continuing to work part-time clinically at Stanford and UCSF affiliated level-one trauma centers, Michael has served as an expedition physician, volunteer clinician in developing countries, and occasional ER doctor to the Dalai Lama during His Holiness’s US tours in California.

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Michael earned his undergraduate degree from Stanford University in Human Biology and was the first undergraduate hired to teach at Stanford Medical School. He attended Balliol College in Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and then UCSF for medical school, where he founded the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program (SMYSP), which later became the Quest Scholars Program. Michael later co-founded QuestBridge, the nation’s largest recruiter for extremely talented and low-income youth for Ivy League colleges, universities, and employers. QuestBridge now places more talented low-income students than any other non-profit in US history.


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