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SCOPE Director


In thinking about a career in Medicine, I am considering broadly in the multiple roles that a physician can play. Though being a doctor involves an important role in medically influencing lives of many individuals and communities, I think we are behind the days in which one simply associates being a doctor with a pristine white office, diagnosis, and treatment. I imagine myself in a global office, where diagnosis and treatment extend to societal problems, working on solutions to the root causes in the first place, from poverty, education, to other upstream determinants of health. What draws me into medicine is the multitudes of a physician's capacity. I plan to play the role of a community health advocate, working with and advocating for underserved populations at the policy level with local or national representatives. In addition, I have plans for serving abroad later in my career in the village where I grew up in Vietnam, and in Latin America to gain exposure to issues posed and work with local leaders, but first I'd like to focus closer to home in urban/rural areas where there is no lack of unmet health needs. While practicing medicine is appealing to me as the art of healing, I like thinking about the big picture on how I can doctor the world to be a better place and further common good. "Be A Good Doctor" really stood out to me in terms of thinking globally as well as locally.


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SCOPE Director


Christine serves as Co-Director of SCOPE. She brings an energy for finding new solutions to complex problems, and in her time leading SCOPE has helped spearhead several key initiatives, including re-designing the BeAGoodDoctor website, building a stronger multimedia presence, and streamlining team collaborations. She also launched DiverseCity in 2015, an initiative that aims to connect students with relatable, empowering role models. Christine is majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Computer Science, and hopes to combine those interests into tackling health issues in new, creative ways.



Executive Director


Continuing on as a Stanford Medical student after graduating from Stanford University, Maia currently serves as Executive Director of BeaGoodDoctor, a non-profit incubator growing the next generation of social entrepreneurs. She continues to lead as Executive Director of SCOPE (Student Clinical Opportunities for Premedical Experience), the largest pre-medical intern and interpreter program on the West Coast, partnering with the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Emergency Department. Additionally, she is the Founder of Happiness Science Research Team, a student group creating a central online resource for research on positive psychology. She was awarded a Fulbright to research diabetes education in underserved communities in Roatan, Honduras.  In her spare time, Maia enjoys meditation, yoga, hiking and social dancing (especially swing), and has a special interest in aging gracefully and empowering large groups of undergraduate students to make broad scale impact.

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In college, Maia became the Director of the QuestBridge Medical Vertical, finding and creating national scholarship magnets for bright, talented low-income high school juniors that have a trajectory for top colleges by communicating closely with key medical philanthropic individuals, corporations, and national foundations. Additionally, Maia is spearheading efforts to consolidate information on the premedical process into a comprehensive online resource through her leadership of Premedical Career Pathway Research (PCPR). Maia delights in the intersection of humanities and sciences, as well as her Latin heritage, majoring in human biology with a concentration in Global Health and Equity. Since an early volunteer opportunity as a translator in a local clinic in Mexico at age seventeen, she became fascinated with the prospect of working as a geriatric physician, using her writing to enlist resources and give voice to the hopes of those served.



Co-Founder and SCOPE Medical Adviser


Jennifer Miller attended Stanford as both an undergraduate and medical student, and continued her 11-year Stanford partnership in 2011 as a Resident in Stanford’s Department of Internal Medicine. As an undergraduate Jennifer co-founded BeAGoodDoctor in 2002.  She also helped to create the SCOPE Spanish and Vietnamese Interpretation Program at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and the Courage Project that year.  She founded the Roatan Clinical and Public Health Internship (now HEAL) in 2004, a preclinical internship in Honduras, for which she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship.  Jennifer worked with Erin Palm, now a General Surgery Resident at Stanford Hospital, to found the SCOPE Research Team in 2005, which she currently leads.  More recently, Jennifer co-founded KaeMe in 2007 and led the pilot team in Ghana in the summer of 2008.  Jennifer has a passion for geriatric medicine, public health, social entrepreneurship, advising premedical students and happiness science research.  She hopes to dedicate her life to a mix of clinical practice and public service entrepreneurship.


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