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Leadership through the years



Jeanette Kamell Mitchell, Director, SCOPE, 1999-2002

Jessica Areen, Associate Director, SCOPE, 1999-2001

Anne Bartlett Fender, Director, Courage, 1999-2001

Jeanette Mellinger, Director, SCOPE, 2001-2003

Chitua Alozie, Founder & Director, SCOPE Medical Interpreters, 2001-2004

Jose Resendiz, Director, SCOPE Medical Interpreters Program, 2001-2004

Erin Palm, Director, SCOPE, 2002-2004

Varun Saxena, Director, SCOPE, 2003-2005

Bryan McColgan, Director, SCOPE, 2003-2005

Natalie Ramos, Director, SCOPE, 2004-2006

Ryanne Brown, Director, SCOPE, 2005-2007

Sarah Arora, Director, SCOPE, 2004-2008

Xochilt Borja,  Associate Director, SCOPE, 2007-2011, Associate Director, KaeMe, 2008-2011

Siobhan Case, Director, SCOPE, 2006-2008

Erin Dizon, Associate Director, SCOPE, 2007-2009

Stephanie Hwang, Associate Director, SCOPE, 2007-2009

Cissy Yang, Associate Director, SCOPE, 2008-2010

Solomon Lee, KaeMe, Student Co-Founder

Evelyn Lee, KaeMe, Student Co-Founder and National Student Director, 2007-2011

Reagan Thompson, KaeMe, National Student Director, 2009-2010

Shawn Teran, KaeMe

Mahta Baghoolizadeh, Director, Courage, 2010-2012

Mehwish Ismaily, Director, Courage, 2008-2010

Martha Muna, National Student Director, Kaeme,  2011-2013

Andrew Nepomuceno, Director, SCOPE, 2010-2014

Gustavo Chavez, Director, SCOPE 2010-2014


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