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Fall 2014 Cohort:

Anna W.

Brianna W.

Catherine V.

Heidy B.

Jose B.

Julie N.

Justine B.

Katie W.

Martin H.

Michael C.

Michael J.

Robert B.

Rodolfo M.

Sarah M.

Stephen A.

Tatiana B.

Vanuyen P.

Zachary S.


Winter 2014 Cohort:


Armando C.


Chia-Ying L.


Jaylene N.


Kevin S.


Lauren D.


Michael D.

Moosa Z.





Fall 2013 Cohort:


Akhil M.

Akhil Mehta SCOPE Photo

Christine C.

Christine Chen SCOPE Picture

David W.

David Won SCOPE Picture

Erika Z.

Erika Zuniga SCOPE Picture

Gustavo C.

Gustavo Buitron Carvajal SCOPE Picture

James L.

James Luong SCOPE Picture

Loc N.

Loc Tien Nguyen SCOPE Picture

Neil C.


Ram S.

Ram Sundaresh SCOPE Picture

Sara F.

Sara Flores SCOPE Picture

Shamik M.

Shamik Mascharak SCOPE Picture

Tuan C.

Johnathan Mai SCOPE Picture



Winter 2013 Cohort:


Revanth K.

Revanth 3

Tran D.

Tran 3



Fall 2012 Cohort:


Ashley H.

Ashley 2

Barbara N.

Barbara 2

Cecilia J.

Cecilia 3

Jacqueline N.

Jackie 2

Kay H.

Kay 3

Kaylee T


Olivia W.

Olivia 2

Preet H.

Preet 5

Raman N.

Raman 2

Stephanie P.

Stephanie 3

Van T.

Van 3



Summer 2012 Cohort:


Livia P.



Winter 2012 Cohort:


Bao L.

Bao 2

Vy T.

Vy 1


Fall 2011 Cohort:


Ryoko H.

Ryoko 2


Fall 2010 Cohort:


Andrew N.

andrew 1

Gustavo C.

Gustavo 3

Fall 2009 Cohort:

Maia M.

Maia HS







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