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Outlook on Modern Healthcare

By Mischa Li

It struck me today just how costly healthcare really is.  For something as simple as the doctor coming and checking you out and telling you that you have an upper respiratory infection and need to stay home and drink plenty of fluids, you must pay over $1000.  Where does all that money go?  Certainly not the staff — I remember looking at bills from my primary healthcare provider, and visits were around $500, lab tests around $200.  Does it really cost that much to take care of people?  What’s making the price so high?  Doctors in other countries can take care of their patients for much less, so what’s so different about the U.S.?  Is the private insurance system causing the problem (because universal healthcare would be more efficient and cost-effective)?  It’s actually an interesting problem that I think would be worth addressing in SCOPE somehow.  So many people go bankrupt each year just from paying medical bills; it would be good to somehow figure out ways to bring the costs down.

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