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Through one-month to three-month internships, Roatan Clinical and Public Health Internship participants learn about pediatric medicine and public health firsthand by working alongside American and Honduran doctors, residents, medical students, nurses, and other health care workers on the island of Roatan, Honduras.

Weekday mornings are dedicated to working in the Roatan Volunteer Pediatric Clinic (PVPC), an outpatient clinic located in the Roatan Public Hospital and run by Global Healing, a non-profit organization based out of Oakland, California. The students intern serves as Clinic Coordinator, locating resources (i.e. meds, specialty referrals, etc.) for patients, helping them through the logistics of utilizing these resources (i.e. locating funding for trips to the mainland for follow-up care), and notifying the volunteer physicians in the clinic about existing resources. Interns work with long-term patients individually, coordinating care among many health care providers and locating resources where there may not seem to be many. Students also administer a public health survey created by our undergraduate and medical volunteers to provide the clinic with more comprehensive information about the characteristics and needs of the patient population.

Working alongside volunteer physicians from the United States in this unique clinical setting will provide students with the unique opportunity to learn from the physicians' struggle to hone the skills they learned at home to the utilize the resources at hand.

After mornings in the clinic, RCPHI interns schedule their afternoons to work with local community health workers on projects according to their personal interests and the local needs at the time of the internship. Opportunities include: interning in a local HIV outreach clinic, volunteering in private family medicine clinics run by Honduran physicians and missionaries, working with local public health groups to train community health volunteers, and carrying out other individual public health projects or research.

In February of 2001, this internship became an official Global Healing internship under the Roatan Volunteer Pediatric Clinic and is now called the RVPC Student Internship. The SCOPE program supports the efforts of students to educate about medicine, but is in no way formally linked to the Roatan internship program.

Eligibile Students Must:

  • Have completed three quarters or two semesters of undergraduate education
  • Be resourceful and take initiative
  • Demonstrate respect for other cultures and sensitivity to local cultural values
  • Observe prevailling workplace hierarchies and protocols
  • Work independently but also function as a member of a team
  • Be open to perspectives, opinions, and values different from their own

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Leadership Contacts:

Jennifer Miller, Founder & Director