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    Get involved today to help change the lives of others in your community and abroad by engaging in rewarding medical oriented research and service projects. You can also help Be A Good Doctor by making a charitable donation to any of its affiliated organizations.



    About Us


    Happiness Science is student-run, nonprofit organization based in Stanford University that allows students from all different background to collaborate in a meaningful way. We aim to work as a team by the following principles:

    Mission: Our Purpose 

    • To inspire readers to actively create their happiness, regardless of how content they already are
    • To grow happiness exponentially, happiness of readers spreading to others

    Vision: Framework for Our Mission

    • People: To cultivate a compassionate, creative culture within the research team
    • Product: To craft a central online resource for happiness research from a variety of angles, including neuroscience, perspective and practices.
    • Efficiency: be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization








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    Maia Mosse mmosse@stanford.edu


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