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Who We Are




For every child in an orphanage to find a healthy loving family


Our mission is two-fold: to build families and protect vulnerable children in orphanages in Ghana by creating a video-driven Internet database of child profiles; and to provide service volunteers with a deeply meaningful experience that will remain with them for a lifetime.


  • Reunify children with extended families whenever possible, through the use of information compiled in child profiles and the support of donor sponsorships
  • Facilitate fostering or adoption when reunification is not possible
  • When no family care option can be found for a child, use donor sponsorships to otherwise support happy and healthy childhoods for children currently housed in orphanages
  • Provide volunteers with the support and opportunities required to allow them to significantly impact the lives of vulnerable children.



Kaeme seeks to build loving families, one child at a time. We break down the information barriers that prevent orphaned or abandoned children from leaving institutions and entering family-based care through reunification, fostering or adoption. Kaeme is building a new information-age model to promote the best interest of each and every child by leveraging the power of internet and database technology.

As part of this process, Kaeme volunteer teams work hand-in-hand with the Department of Social Welfare to survey orphanages across Ghana. These visits capture essential information about each child's history, health, and welfare. Video-recorded interviews with each child ensure that they have the opportunity to tell their story, in their own voice. The Department of Social Welfare then uses the resultant multimedia profile database to reunite children with their families or to place them with prospective foster and adoptive families in Ghana and abroad.

Our website provides additional insight into who we are, what we do, why we help, where we help, and how you can get involved. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Our name means "remember me" in Ghanaian Twi.
We ensure no child is forgotten.


Visit us at kaeme.org