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Kaeme Winter Internship

Apply for our first ever Winter Internship! If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to kaeme.foundation@gmail.com



Get involved today to help change the lives of others in your community and abroad by engaging in rewarding medical oriented research and service projects. You can also help Be A Good Doctor by making a charitable donation to any of its affiliated organizations.


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Kaeme sends volunteers to Ghana every summer for 10 weeks to help the Ghanaian Department of Social Welfare profile children in orphanages across the country. This next winter, we will be sending volunteers to Ghana to continue assisting the Department of Social Welfare with their profiling efforts. Apply now to be a volunteer for our 2014 Winter internship!

Application deadline for Winter 2014 internship: January 19th, 2014


Summer Internship in Ghana

Description: For 9-10 weeks summer interns will work in orphanages collecting information about the children, such as records about their family, education, and medical history, to ensure the Department of Social Welfare in Ghana can correctly place children out of orphanages.

We are looking for people with great enthusiasm, creativity, and a consistent work ethic. Multimedia experience is desired and recommended, but not a requirement. Interns will be fully trained for the experience. Each trip to Ghana is self-funded. Because Kaeme is a nonprofit working in a third-world country, we feel the money would be put to better use going directly to the people of Ghana. If accepted, you will work closely with Ghanaian social workers, Ghanaian university students, and other US college students. All volunteers must commit to spring training and may be asked to commit to post-volunteer requirements.

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Term: This position requires a 10-week summer term and Spring Quarter training.

Requirements: Enthusiasm, creativity, and consistent work ethic. Multimedia experience recommended.

Logistics: We place volunteers into teams of 3-5 students, headed by a team leader. Once selected, all volunteers receive careful training to position them for success during their time abroad. We will help you arrange your travel and complete pre-trip preparations.

Kaeme volunteer positions are unpaid. While your trip will be self-funded, we can provide you with guidance in fundraising or seeking sponsorships. Costs will vary according to your specific trip, but major costs will include airfare ($1000-$2500), entry visa ($50), in-country housing and transport ($1000-$2000, coordinated by Kaeme), and food (roughly $15/day). You will also want to budget for miscellaneous personal expenses and pre-travel immunizations (if needed).



U.S. Team Member Positions — School Year or Summer

Description: Kaeme is currently recruiting for six to eight team members to help coordinate the program as it grows into a large international service corps. Team leaders will play a critical role in defining the direction and scope of this program.

This work is divided into three categories: Recruitment & Training, Technology, and Volunteer Coordination/Logistics. For those interested in substantial and long term involvement with Kaeme, we are also accepting applications for a National Student Co-director.

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National Student Co-Director will work with fellow co-director to provide day in, day out management and supervision of student staff and workers. He or she will task student work, independently identify projects, and oversee tasks. Also, the co-directors act as the primary student face of Kaeme and serve as an organizational ambassador. ($10-$15/hr or academic credit for qualified students.)

Recruitment & Training will be responsible for developing and executing a strategy to recruiting student and adult volunteers to work in Ghana. He or she will also manage the application and recruitment process. Finally, they will oversee and develop the training and orientation of all interns and staff members, especially team leaders. ($10-$15/hr or academic credit for qualified students.)

Technology will build and maintain the Kaeme website and serve as the primary staff point of contact for the development and maintenance of the future children’s profile database. ($20-$30/hr or academic credit for qualified students.)

Volunteer Coordination & Logistics will serve as Kaeme contact with Ghana. They will plan the daily schedule including transportation and food for Kaeme interns in Ghana and determine orphanage visits through contact with the Department of Social Welfare. In addition, they will coordinate with Ghanaian staff to manage the logistics of prepping and sending groups to Ghana. ($10-$15/hr or academic credit for qualified students.)

These positions will require regular weekly meetings with the students working in your team. You will work closely with Medical Student Director Jennifer Miller and Co-Founder Michael McCullough. Please see job listing #1 for more information about Kaeme.

Term: This position has a 1-2 year term during the school year and/or summer. Successful candidate must be able to work 5-15 hours each week. Hours are flexible.

Requirements: Great organization, dedication, creativity, punctuality and consistent work ethic.

Compensation: $10-$15/hour depending on qualifications. Work-study available. Academic credit or internship credit available. For the technology team, $20-$30/hour depending on qualifications.