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Kaeme Winter Internship

Apply for our first ever Winter Internship! If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to kaeme.foundation@gmail.com



Get involved today to help change the lives of others in your community and abroad by engaging in rewarding medical oriented research and service projects. You can also help Be A Good Doctor by making a charitable donation to any of its affiliated organizations.


What We Do




In homes around the world, millions of families are willing to take in a child, either through offering foster care, adopting a son or daughter, or being reunited with a related child. Simultaneously, roughly 150 million children — many of them undocumented — live in orphanages on city streets and around the globe — and all are hoping for a home and family. Significant numbers of these children live in poor conditions, deprived of the basic physical, emotional and intellectual support required for a healthy childhood. Large proportions of these children also have families with whom they can live, but their families choose to place them in an orphanage instead.

These are potential families in the making.

However, many barriers stand in the way of building new families and reuniting existing families, leaving the best interests of the child out of the discussion entirely. Poor record-keeping, under-resourced welfare agencies and the logistical challenges inherent in matching a child to a family often prevent children from entering or returning to family-based care. Often times, no long-term care plan is developed at all. Kaeme will reduce these barriers, offering more children the chance to grow up in a loving home.



U.S. Team Members

U.S. team members have the responsibility of working with the National Student director to maintain and run Kaeme. This can include recruiting for the summer internship, writing proposals, and planning training for spring quarter. Staff may occasionally begin self-directed projects, but primary attention is given to tasks assigned by the National Student Director. In addition to U.S. team members, the following are components of the Kaeme U.S. team:

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Data Consolidation Project

The U.S. Kaeme team leaders during the school year have been focusing on the data consolidation project. Team members have been creating child profiles for Kaeme's online database that connects children to potential families.


Several SCOPE members, part of the Be a Good Doctor organization, contribute to Kaeme, as summer interns, support volunteers, or technology staff members. SCOPE members dedicate 5 hours/week to the Kaeme organization.

Individual Projects

We believe in finding creative ways to make a difference. Kaeme volunteers can begin their own individual projects. Kaeme volunteers are in the process of writing a book for Ghanaian orphanages, establishing relations with other organizations, and continuing the Malaria Initiative Project.



Summer Interns

We Build Child Profiles

building profiles

For 9-10 weeks, Kaeme summer interns travel to orphanages across Ghana to collect information about children, including records about their families, education, and medical history. This helps the Department of Social Welfare in Ghana move children out of the orphanages and into family homes. We create full profiles on children, which contain information that determines if a child will best be served by foster care, adoption, or reunification with relatives.

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elizabethWe first gather any available documentation for children, including school reports, admissions records, and caregiver notes. In most cases, these files are limited but can be supplemented by in-depth conversations with orphanage managers and caregivers. Kaeme volunteers speed up the adoption process by collecting information and removing barriers that often prevent successful adoptions.


isaacStudent volunteers then assist Department of Social Welfare (DSW) representatives to record formal, one-on-one interviews with children. Kaeme team members also record additional informal interviews with children. Both interviews serve to give the child a voice, allowing their story and personality shine through.

Profile Database

kwameAs profiles are completed, Kaeme volunteers create secure online profiles for children. Kaeme students make the profiles of non-infant, adoption-eligible children available to Ghanaian and internationally accredited adoption agencies. Via these vivid profiles, prospective parents can see the unique personalities of children and can imagine how the children may fit into their families.

We upload completed profiles to our official database at www.kaeme.org.