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Kaeme Winter Internship

Apply for our first ever Winter Internship! If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to kaeme.foundation@gmail.com



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childDuring the summer, Kaeme interns volunteer primarily in the Accra Region of Ghana, but visit orphanages throughout the country. Located in the western region of Africa and the home of one of the friendliest populations in the world, Ghana is one of the most stable and forward-looking countries in Africa. However, the country also faces a considerable challenge with a growing rise in orphanage creation — a situation that needs to be addressed.

mapA former British colony, Ghana was known as the Gold Coast before gaining independence in 1957. Its current name translates to “Warrior King.” Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo and the Gulf of Guinea border Ghana. More than 250 languages and dialects are spoken in Ghana, though the English language is the country’s official language and dominates government and business affairs.

Ghanaian culture places great emphasis on friendliness, courtesy and laughter. Locals make a point of exchanging greetings before asking questions or asking for assistance, even when shopping or running errands.

Ghana is also rich in natural resources and fertile land, supporting agriculture-driven economy. Ghana is one of the most financially stable African nations and has strong relationships with many Western nations. The combination of a visitor-friendly culture, stable political and economic context and significant natural and historical resources makes Ghana and appealing location for travel, work and volunteering.