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Choosing Medicine

Choosing whether to pursue a career in medicine or not can be a very difficult and very important decision. It will influence your course of study, your financial decisions, the future of your family life, and your own mental and emotional state. Many physicians love their occupation, but many others regret their decision to become doctors. It is a decision that we hope all premedical students will take the time to explore for themselves. Why is it that you want to become a doctor? What draws you and what concerns you?

While this is a very personal choice, it is so complicated that we know that sometimes it may be difficult to even find a place to begin. This is what we hope you find in "Is Medicine Right For Me?" We hope that it provokes you to think about whether medicine is right for you and to be more confident in your choice.

If you have already chosen medicine, we hope that you will enjoy reading about the various possibilities that await you in "Where Do I Belong?" From physician specialty profiles to international medicine to alternative health-related careers, this provides a survey of some of the options within the spectrum of "a career in medicine."


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