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Get involved today to help change the lives of others in your community and abroad by engaging in rewarding medical oriented research and service projects. You can also help Be A Good Doctor by making a charitable donation to any of its affiliated organizations.





Current Members

Maia M.

Maia HS

Gustavo C.

Gustavo 3

Andrew N.

andrew 1

Vy T.

Vy 1

Cecilia J.

Cecilia 3

TiTi L.

TiTi 4

Barbara N. 

Barbara 2


 Jackie N. 

Jackie 2

 Kaylee T,


 Sagar W.

Sagar 2

 Stephanie P.

Stephanie 3

 Livia P.

Livia 3

 Manuel G.

Manny HS

 Bao L.

Bao 2

Preet H.

Preet 5


 Tran D.

Tran 3

 Michelle S.

Michelle 2

 Revanth K.

Revanth 3

Olivia W.

Olivia 2

 Cameron F.

Cam 3


Sofia R.

Sofia 3

Enock T.

Enock 3 

Kay H.

Kay 3


 Ashley H.

Ashley 2

Vania R.

vania 5

 Ryoko H.

Ryoko 2

 Van T.

Van 3

 Rose L.

Rose 5

 Cecilia J.

Cecilia 3

Raman N.

Raman 2

 Tan N.

 tan 1

 Chau T.

Chau HS

Weica Xie

Weica 3

Catherine Z. 

Catherine 1

 Binh H.


Zachary C.

Michael Z.


Caroline B.


Lindsay Y. 

Luisanna C.


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General Contact:

Leadership Contacts:
Maia Mosse, Executive Director

Christine Chen, Director

Brett Salazar, Associate Director

Lisa Fu, Associate Director


Mailing Address:
PO Box 19456
Stanford, CA 94309



SCOPE is an Associated Program of Stanford University's Haas Center for Public Service


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